Wednesday, March 18, 2009

stair climbing

This I feel is the best that I have done to call myself as an Engineering graduate.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is one of those poems that reveals the truth of all humans so called inventions which are observations of the past from nature. Here I confess Nature is the store house for creativity.


Dropping down the growing mountains,

Glittering down as sparklets of fountain,

Spitted out by solid rocks,

Remain in memory a flocks…

Learning had man repeat nature,

Annoyed he was not equally beautiful.

Captured in frames the act of nature

Will later modify calling his art in future.

All’s that we had seen off nature

One’s fine, is he has a departure

Oh, ye all not you alone fellow being

Her beauty barrows as you in you

For all that’s yelled imagination, creativity;

Are the road down the memory lane

Where you cherished nature’s fame.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Wow, Where does the nature derive at its creativity ?. , I wonder.. Never can one arrive at a conclusion on the where about of nature's store house of creativity. This is one of those powerful yet pleasant moments that i could capture in my eyes and pen it down. If not for nature's beauty, man would have found it hard to define many things such as creativity, peace, harmony, etc..
Imagine you are in a place of nature's home ground where no one can match the abilities or challenge nature. Its just that we all fail to realize we are already in one. This, I wrote when I understood nature has its own role play... :)


Twinkling on the green meadows,
I saw it dropping down the grass
Could I no where disturb my eyebrows,
And my ears tuned to its phonetics.

Yet, could have not I taken it a piece,
captured on frames remarking peace..

Not a dream. Not a myth.
Not mad. Not an imaginant.

It was a ploy of draught.
And it had poured down the right plot.
But it could only sink grass,
and not make water in dams clot.

When it was gulped by a bird,
I wish me not to be a leopard,
to vanish that site of mine,
which was right to be described as fine.

oh Nature !!.. You are forever my Teacher !!!.